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Neuroplasticity and its Implications for the 21st Century Therapist
FIVE principles for the modern 21st century therapist to consider in practice

Wish to work in GULF Countries – Things to Consider!
Important things to remember before accepting a job offer in Gulf countries.

Better musculoskeletal care for Australia
Upwell’s Alter-G anti-gravity treadmill is one of only a handful in Melbourne.

Changing trends in Physiotherapy Education
Changes required in the learning process to make the learner efficient and skill full.

Power of Choice – Yes vs No
To live as though everyday is a blessing.

Journey as a Physio
Exclusive interview with Eminent Physiotherapist and Academician Dr. Naveen Kumar.

Cupping is an alternative therapy that uses suction created by placing suction cups on the body to release deep muscle spasm

Physio EventsNational and International
Notifying you on the nearby Physiotherapy related events

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